About Soleo

As I live in Switzerland, I am the biggest fan of the incredible nature, outdoor activities, chocolate and cheese that this country has to offer. But since I grew up in the south of Spain, my favorite time of year is summer, I love sharing large and loud meals with friends and family and Spanish cuisine has a special place in my heart.

While visiting my family this summer, I discovered the beautiful handcrafted ceramics from Granada during a typical Saturday market. I fell in love instantly and knew I had to bring something home with me. Since I had no space in my luggage, I had to organize a shipment and decided to fill a whole pallet and ship it home to Switzerland. This is how Soleo was born.
Southern Spanish tradition paired with the most diverse facets of Switzerland, at Soleo there is something for every taste and enriches your home with Mediterranean sunshine. I am sure you will fall in love with Juan's handcrafted ceramics and can't wait to see the pieces come to life in your homes!

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